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Nominee for Nepal’s Ambassador to USA Allegedly Traded his Influence for Sex

During this week’s hearing at Parliament sub-committee, there were reports against several ambassador nominees. The most noticeable one was against Suresh Chalise who has been nominated as ambassador to USA. According to a woman petitioner, Suresh had series of sexual interaction with her at a hotel near Sukhedhara and currently she is three-month pregnant. He also took a million rupees from her assuring her of U.K. visa. She has now neither the visa to go to U.K. nor the money – all she has got is unwanted pregnancy. Suresh allegedly is running away from her. An e-mail was sent anonymously as women in Nepal do not disclose these kinds of things in public. Many politicians and their close aides seem to be taking advantage of this close culture.

We have to see whether Nepal government takes this allegation seriously or not. This is open in major news channels in Nepal. This kind of hypocrite should be punished and Nepalese in USA do not want this guy as their ambassador.

Similarly, there were several complaints against Shailaja for extending her support to the royal regime during people revolution II. Shailaja denied all allegations during the hearing.