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New Year; New EU


With the arrival of the New Year 2009, we present to you a New EverestUncensored.


Major enhancements are:


  1. New Look: We have changed many times and this year we wear yet another dashing look.
  2. Restructuring of Categories: Post categories have been restructured and are now available in the header section, for your convenience.
  3. Featured Posts & Life in Nepal: Featured posts and Life in Nepal posts are now made interactive, thanks to AJAX.
  4. Editor’s Pick: Selected posts are highlighted and you may not wish to miss these posts, mined from our huge archive.
  5. Contribution: Contribution to EverestUncensored is now easier. You can contribute your articles, photos, logos, and anything else.


We thank all contributors to this site, past and present, and hope for your continued involvement in the year 2009 and beyond.


Your feedback will be appreciated.


– EU Executive Team