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Ramesh Tamang


Nepal’s Two Best Software Companies?

The Kathmandu valley which welcomes about 1,000+ new software engineers every year is hungry for professional software companies. The first professional software company that Kathmandu engineers got to know and experience with was D2hawkeye (D2) Services Pvt. Ltd. (www.d2hawkeyeservices.com). D2 changed the way engineers used to be treated in the traditional software firms in Nepal. Once D2 started the business in 2001, the pay scale for engineers almost tripled and it attracted all experienced and smart engineers firms like Mercantile, World Link, WDN, Serving Minds, Yomari and many others. D2 enjoyed the best of the best for years and it still does. In D2 engineers in Nepal got an opportunity to test what it was like having the professional management and how the enterprise level software application was developed end to end. While working for D2, bright and young Nepali engineers developed industry leading software application for US healthcare market. D2’s success continues at a different scale after its acquisition by US giant called Verisk Analytics (www.verisk.com). Verisk’s healthcare subsidiary Verisk Health (www.veriskhealth.com) depends heavily on its Nepali talent pool. With D2’s success, many Nepalese entrepreneurs in US have learned that real application software (other than LAMP websites) actually can be developed in Nepal. With such learning and conviction, Nepalese investors from USA have started another American software company Deerwalk Inc with Nepali subsidiary called Deerwalk Nepal Pvt. Ltd (www.deerwalk.com). Deerwalk (DW) with offices in Boston and Kathmandu, like that of D2, has reached to 25+ employees within a few months of operation and it strives to do many things D2 could not do in the local market. It is currently developing an industry leading Mobile Cash application for one of its Banking partner in Nepal and very soon, its technology wing will touch Nepalese lives for the better.   Deerwalk values its employee talents the most like D2 and its technology is led by a highly skilled and dynamic MIT graduate Himal Karmacharya. People are questioning Rudra Pandey’s involvement in Deerwalk. His influence can’t be minimized as Muna Joshi is seen in the executive team of the new co. Rudra had a dream of building 1,000 plus engineering shop in Nepal. Certainly, he could not fulfill that as D2’s ownership changed in the middle of the road. His friends and ex-colleagues from D2 believe that he won’t stop. Is Deerwalk the answer? We need to wait and see as Rudra recently got promoted to the Chief Operating Officer at Verisk Health.
It is now widely known among Nepalese engineers that D2 and Deerwalk are the two best software companies of Nepal and they will co-exist and one will lead the other in growth. There are enough smart engineers in Nepal for many more D2s and DWs to come.