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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



I feel very fortunate when people spontaneously provide me with subject matter and spices for my writing. Most of my articles’ titles have sprouted from people’s mouths. Such is this incident which happened recently and made my life easy. Normally, I live four days a week in Kathmandu and three days at Nagarkot. …

… I have erected a pole at our Nagarkot house where Nepal’s National Flag is flying proudly, also in Kathmandu my residence has a similar National Flag flying happily. I am very honoured to be Nepali and living in this wonderful country.

That fine evening my neighbour started chatting with me and raised the question as to why I am putting Nepal’s National Flag on top of the house. I said each and every Nepali is allowed, eligible and capable to display Nepal’s National Flag. There is no need to obtain approval or authority if a Nepali wishes to put his National Flag on his home. Nepal is deep within Nepalese’ around the world and they should all be proud of their nation. My answer did not satisfy him and he was still in a dilemma about that very flag. He said further. “You know, I heard there was a talk about this subject among within our community”. If this is correct, then I will call it a marginal state of mind among the community members. Really! what an issue to discuss and use their precious time in such matters. When a Nepali proudly puts his National Flat on top of his roof they should see such issues in a positive light and be wise enough to understand the sentiment behind it.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal has declared Nepal a secular state. I have observed many people putting up flags of various religious beliefs as per their choice, which is right. People are free to express, demonstrate and live as per their wishes. This is freedom. There should not be any negative gossip when a Nepali wishes to honour his/her national pride and national flag wherever he/she goes. Nepal and Nepali is synonymous. I just remembered a beautiful song about our National Flag that goes like this… “Rato ra Chandra Surya, Jungi Nishan Hamro………

Nepal’s National Flag is for Nepali anywhere and everywhere.