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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri

Figure1: Warmming up in NarayanSthan

Figure2: The Name of the Gumba

Figure3: House of this week

Figure4: Map of the Shivapuri National Park

Figure5: Area Guide Map

Figure6: Net

Figure7: Way to Nagi Gumba

Figure8: contd…

Figure9: Wild Beauty

Figure10: Forest of the Nagi Gumba

Figure11: The Buddhist stairs

Figure12: View of Kapan from Nagi

Figure13: Buddhist tap at Nagi

Figure14: The Police man 🙂

Figure15: Lucky Number Three

Figure16: Mahesh, Dikesh, Bimal and NischalD at back

Figure17: The flower belongs to Aani(Monk)

Figure18: SunFlower also belongs to them

Figure19: Artistic door

Figure20: Loaded Tree

Figure21: Group photo at Nagi

Figure22: The inside view of Monastery

Figure23: The Aani were busy making a trail

Figure24: The Aanis’ canteen

Figure25: The Place for rest

Figure26: Cooking range for the Aanis

Figure27: The Kind Aani who cooked noodle for hikers

Figure28: Self Help in the respect to Aani

Figure29: View of the Kathmandu with no sun

Figure30: As always BABA(Keshav) and CHELA(NishchalS)

Figure31: The aanis’ make a trail

Figure32: Climbing Up…

Figure33: In the Bush

Figure34: View of Kathmandu contd…

Figure35: Towards Bagdwar

Figure36: The Trail

Figure37: Another form of the Trail

Figure38: Guess what is it …?

Figure39: Looks like winter

Figure40: Wild Flower

Figure41: The Origin of Bagmati at Bagdwar

Figure42: The D2an at the origins

Figure43: Lord Shiva

Figure44: The Single Sadu at Shivapuri

Figure45: This is called BAGHDWAR

Figure46: Baghwar Pond for Holly Purpose

Figure47: The peak of the shivapuri is just 1 km

Figure48: The trail

Figure49: Just two Oxen at the peak

Figure50: Approaching the peak

Figure51: Cemetery of Shivapuri Baba

Figure52: The Peak and the group

Figure53: Returning back from the Peak

Figure54: last look of the Origine of the Bagmati

Figure55: The Rock of Bagmati

Figure56: The Picture of the Hikers Destination

Figure57: Feast of the August 27