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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Nachna Najanne Aangan Tedo

“Nachna Najanne Aangan Tedo” Our proverbs are so accurate, precise and useful, that I always love them. Knowing, understanding and implementing them in our daily life can make a big difference. It can instantly change our perspective, thinking and general understanding and enable us to be better people.

As an example I quote one beautiful Nepali proverb “Nachna Najanne Aangan Tedo” Meaning “A person who does not know how to dance properly, always blames the floor” like “A bad workman will always blame his tools.” By quoting this proverb, I would like to compare its sentiment to our beautiful country. A heaven on earth, alas managed by limited minds and unskilled management resulting in its descent into total chaos. To understand the great potential of this country, consider Nepal’s location on the world map, though small in size, it is significant in its great diversities. The flora and fauna, its people, culture and tradition, a country from where most of the eight thousand meter Himalayan peaks can be seen, certainly make it a unique place on Earth. But look at its plight. Most nations on this earth prosper, move forward and gradually benefit all their people. Yet this country always remains static, poor, under-developed and simply a nation in crisis. Why so? That is the big question. There are countries in our neighborhood whose births we witnessed which have progressed far better than us in a couple of decades. Our long history, culture, tradition and image have gone in-vain and are disappearing. Also we have known some countries so barren once, deprived of sufficient water resources are now lush green and have progressed tremendously. One of these countries has become a successful exporter of quality fruits. These capabilities of producing the quality fruits of hard work show people’s dedication towards the prosperity of their own nation and the good vision of their leaders. They know the art of dance, so they never blame the floor. Lack of natural resources are not a barrier these days, but lack of dedication towards Nation, honesty, hard work, good vision and non-existence of correct leadership is a big obstacle here. I would say poor thinking will never allow us to reap rich results. A mature, dedicated and sustainable strategy with correct countrywide implementation will give us rich results. Our visionary leaders need to study further what constitutes success, think properly and re-consider again such matters seriously. Time has come now to do it, not just to sit-back and watch. Lectures, promises, and false assurances will not help this country now. Since our leaders hold the helm of this nation, responsibility mainly lies with them. They can not turn deaf ears to their people in such sensitive matters. They should learn the correct skills, take the right steps and hear the music of their Nation. Only then can they dance properly for their people and not always blame the existing floor. So, I quote again “Nachna Najanne Aangan Tedo” one should learn and know ones art properly; do not blame the tools, for in the hands of a skilled person they will always create prosperity.