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Mutual Responsibility

While watching a TV commercial some days back, i saw a handicapped lady going to vote in her wheelchair in rain. The commercial was giving the message that everyone should fulfill their own responsibility. That means, voter should vote and government should ensure basic needs of it’s people. We are also at final stage of the long awaited consistent Assembly polls this month, so the word “VOTE” suddenly clicked my mind. This is first poll in Nepal since i became eligible for voting, if i was in my country, Would i go to vote? And the answer was No, a big NO. Why? Who would stand in a queue to elect a to be corrupt leader. Alas!! How can i expect somebody to fulfill his/her responsibility if i was not fulfilling mine. It’s moral crime to expect that. If i had voted, then who knows a better one would have won. After all democratic process is a a process of refining, the Bagmati river which is in the form of sewage in Kathmandu regains it’s original form of “Baghdwar” when it reaches Terai, because of oxygen purification. Votes are oxygen, if we don’t give oxygen to our “sewage politics” then we don’t have right to just curse the leaders for condition of our country. The voters also share the responsibility of the aftermath of any poll. Politics is not clean anywhere whether it’s United states or Nepal, but people purify it elsewhere, so we need to do now. This is the right time to kick the butts of leaders, who we don’t think can clear the way to Nepal, that we dream of