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Aneesh Lohani


Moving Bright Sparkling Star seen on the Kathmandu Sky

Is there anything on the news about a large, bright sparkling star in the heavens? I've been following a star (could be a planet, maybe Venus) towards the east for the last 30 minutes. It's 5:38 am right now in Kathmandu. Over the last 30 minutes, the star travelled an eye distance of one foot (which could be thousands of miles) on a 45- degree angle to the right. It got smaller gradually and dimmed into the veil of the morning atmosphere. It was at a verticle 30-degree angle to the east (from a sitting position) and went up to about 75 degrees slightly taking to the right in 30 minutes. It was amazingly big and sparkling compared to the other stars in the neighborhood – could be a planet or a passing asteroid. Let's see if it shows up tomorrow also. I thought I'd share this experience. Any astronomy enthusiasts here – maybe you have a clue?

Pardon my excitement about this.