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MoMo and much more

Momo is the native food of Tibet. It is unknown that who introduced Momo to Kathmandu, but momo started to pick up as Momo“THE MOST” favorite cuisine among the Kathmanduians around 20 years ago. I remember as a child i used to eat ‘1 half plate’ momo everyday in school, which used to be served in red plastic plate. The awesome buff, steamed momo was very good alternative among the kids of that school against oily “samosa”. Till that point of time, momo was not prepared in my home. When i was in Damak for winter break, my aunt prepared mutton momo for us, which was both hygienic and delicious Actually that became a recipe class for us. After, returning to Kathmandu, Momo started hitting our kitchen around every two weeks. This is how i became familiar with my favorite momo.

When i started working, we had 1 full hour of lunch break. I often used to go for lunch with my colleagues in nearby restaurants. We didn’t consider a restaurant, as good one unless it serves hot momo, almost every type of restaurant has a common entry in their menu and obviously that’s Momo, my favorite Momo. We used to go though menu two, three times, spent more time to decide on menu than to eat that, no consensus used to be reached unless we decide on momo, my favorite momo.

When i was about to left country, i went out to a best restaurant in town, to meet with my momo, my favorite Momo. I was unsure when i will get a chance to meet momo again. But to my joy, Momo was not away from me, in fact it was easier prepare momo than it used to be in Nepal. We can find the Momo wrapper, kima in ready-made form so no need to worry about the belna-chowki. The only thing is that restaurants do not serve it here in my place. Any way, something is better than no thing, i meet momo frequently even i am away from country. And, i am not the only one who is crazy about the steamed dish, i can feel the joy in each Nepali’s face when we talk about making Momo.
Momo, you are not just dish for us, you are much more…..