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Maoists quit government and announced mass meeting

Today Sep 18, 2007 meeting with eight party and Maoist with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koriala at Baluwatar was held.
Koirala rejected Maoist two demands as announcement of republic before the polls and proportional representation based election. Due to this all Maoist ministers – Dev Gurung, Hisila Yami, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Khadga Biswokarma has submitted their resignation letters to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koriala.

Maoists have informed they will go nationwide protest from today and called mass meeting at Khulla Munch. Maoist chairman Prachanda was not there due to his health problems.

Now what will happen to Nepal? Do we again have to tolerate all those banda and julush?

Though I was afraid to take shots, I managed to capture some mass meeting glance as follows:

Packed with crowd

View at Ratnapark

Entrance to the Khulla Munch where Mass meeting was ongoing.

More Clear view from the Gate.

The center brain of the Mass Meeting.

 Attendees of the Mass Meeting

Though Prachanda was absent his photo was there…

Maoist Leaders

Refreshment during hot time.

Ranipokhari has already seen many changes and revolutions.

While returning took on shot of Narayan Hiti Palace.