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Raj B Thakuri


Managing the Rain

I am a manager. I manage. People, Projects, Schedules, Logistics. For over three years now. Boy, do I know a lot about management.

Ahem. Not quite.

Management happened to me like rain happens to a man without an umbrella. You either run for cover or get drenched to the bone. I am susceptible to cold so I ran for cover. Sometimes there was no cover so I had to make one. Sometimes there were others who followed. So I had to build bigger shelters, more room and even consult with the weatherman to make sure that we were all in when it poured. And pretty soon I found myself managing stuff.

That is the entire truth of it.

Pretty simple, huh?

Again, not quite.

While I ‘manage’ to make ends meet, there are things that I am learning. A little about you, a lot about myself and something about everything in-between. Things like all men (and women) are not created equal. That many heads are not always better than one. That it is not wrong to forgive but absolutely fatal to forget. That there are more good people in the world than given credit for. That leaders are not always born. That intentions are not enough and paper beats rock. And trust is still king.

But I am signing off now as I have a lot of stuff to ‘manage’. And if you would really like to hear more about management (which I seriously doubt) drop some comments down below and maybe, just maybe, I will come around with few more of brilliant insights into this murky world of management. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a good thing.