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Make me Numb

I remember as a child, when a bus collapsed in Jogimara, Dhadhing killing almost 40 people on board, Nation had mourned. Thousands of people went to the crash site for the rescue efforts. It was a national story, because Nepal rarely used to see that vigorous loss of life. Last decade made me familiar with words like ‘killing’, ‘death’, ‘torture’, ‘execution’, along with my nation I no longer get touched by loss of few lives. I have turned insensitive towards price of Human life, human emotions. If I report those things to a psychiatrist, then he might suggest me some treatment. But I won’t go to psychiatrist, I won’t. Thank god, I am insensitive, thank god. , Otherwise, How could have I overlooked Kapilvastu? How could I have overlooked husband being burnt in-font of his newlywed wife? Oh god!!!! If you want to make people crueler, please I beg you make me number, make me insensitive, make me emotionally dead.