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Lost in Australia

Yesterday, after a hectic schedule of everyday job since last three weeks, I decided to take a breakthrough by offering Nabaraj to do my shift and take some rest. I began pondering what to do next.. Suddenly, I realised that i had not been in any signs of contact with my sister and brother in law for almost a month. So I packed up, covered myself with my best clothes and headed off to catch the first bus to Modbury.(Modbury is a suburb in South Australia, I,the writer am living in Nailsworth, SA). After a hour bus ride, I reached the door and pressed the bell. I usually used to call them before i went there but this time i planned for a surprise visit. Lucky I, they were shocked to see me at the door and my plan fully worked.

Later in the evening I went to the Adelaide airport with my brother in law to pick up his friend’s family who were coming from Sydney. They joined us as soon as they arrived and we headed towards my sister’s house. After watching Maha jodi recorded clips and having a really delicious dinner, the conversation started. The conversation geared up as we started talking about the nepali youths coming to Australia for studies. The visitors told us that recently a local newspaper in Sydney published a news about 6 nepali ladies having their first sleep in Australia in a public park.
A few months back there was a rumour in Adelaide that 19 of the nepalese youths who came to Australia in Sydney, returned back as they could not live upto their expectations. I had taken it as a joke but to my surprise it was actually true and to tell you the truth the number was in the range of 30ties.

In my opinion, Australia as a whole has lost its charm of attracting new students for the sake of better studies, better career prospects and finally PR (Permanent Residency).The quality of study over here is too poor. I, being a Masters student over here, have my course syllabus of such a low level  that my year 12 classes were much more standard than these. There is no scope of Engineers, doctors, managers at all. I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering, and am a Masters in Engineering student and till today I am locked with low level hotel jobs. Not only me, more than 90% student studying the same course with me are attached with taxi driving, security,aged care and restaurant jobs. The remaining 10% are jobless or are not planning to work at all.   

The most eye catching feature of Australia ie scope of PR can be side lined now.The PR rules are getting too harder and its almost impossible for a new student to grab one.Every year the rules gets tighter and they are keeping us in risk each and every time. Just released new PR rules states that, you need atleast 7 band in Ielts to be on safe side. Anything less than 7  requires two years work experience in your field.Dont be relaxed by your score, this is not the band that you score in Nepal before coming, its in the one that you need to give just before you apply for PR.And be prepared your speaking and writing test are examined by Australians.

Yeah I really work in a hotel job as commented by one of the bloggers, but what I have written here reflects the truth. Atleast you guys are nepalese so whatever you think its my responsibility to aware you of the current scenario in Australia which is currently the dream place for many nepali students. You guys spent 7-10 lakhs nepali rupees coming here and I bet that you will never ever gain it over here except few lucky ones. Many guys even cry for their parents for the next semester fees from Nepal except the one brought in the beginning. The time, the money, and atmosphere in Nepal always remains cherished when you turn from a human to a machine over here. No job, no money and always having a dollar chips and 80 cents soft drink may remind you of your daal bhat and kukhurako masu you had by quarreling with your wife or mother, but what to do. You left your country for your pleasure, money,comfort and bright future and now you regret taking it as one of the biggest mistake of your life.

So just relax, you are still not late. You havent applied for your visa yet.Circulate this to your friends who are planning to come to Australia for bright future and Australian Permanent residency and save their life before it ruins to hell. Give them a chance for second thought. If still they persist in coming, and do come then I pray for god and wish them to be one of the lucky ones.