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The first and last question before starting this blog-entry.

1.Are u a Microsoft slave?

2.Do u wanna upgrade to a more secure environment?

3.Have u been WAKKA-DIKKA because of Pirated XP’s/Vista’s?

4.Do you want to save cost of upgrading/maintaining ur OS?

If you falls in any of above category, then Welcome to the new world of linux?

those who are already a linux-geek. Hats off to them and those who want to start a new branded life in a OS, heartily welcome.

Well! lets kick off.

Linux is a free operatng system. Yes! u heard me right. its a free operating system. Now someone of u might get confused in open source and free software. well! there’s not much difference but they r a different things, ofcourse.

Linux is a free, in a sense that its source code are free. Before that i want to portray some especialities about linux.

1.Free operating system

2.secure and more reilable

3. can be found on different flavors(distros)

[distros or distribution are the linux marketed by various companies.]

4.Fast growing OS in da world.

5.user-friendly within a 2 hours of little hard-work.

Well Well Well.

Most of us are still lingering with Microsoft Windows family because of


2from school level, we have been taught windows

3.Linux, (is that a Operating System? thought)?

4.All of our surroundings are using Windows why should i use linux? mentality (((its a kind of VEDA nature.)

Now! in the context of nepal, where the country is poor and the people are rich. here, linux might be the best option we’ve got for secure and reliable OS environment.Founded by Linus Torvalds® at the age of 21 in university of hel…. (Sorry! cannot remember the spelling properly)

to be continued…..