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Aarju Pandey


Life – A Miracle

The sun shines; warm and reassuring, sunlight is bouncing off leaves and flowers. A small bud nestled in the middle of a thousand. Unnoticed, a part of everything else, green and tiny, the bud rests. So exquisite, yet still overlooked and ignored. It’s just another bud in the midst of many. Too quiet, too small, is it important at all? So subtle that your eyes pass over it and you think nothing of it. But suddenly it’s growing bigger and bigger, bolder and bolder! Faster still, so bright that …

……it is blinding. A vibrant red replaces the shy green. And finally, a breathtaking flower replaces the once trivial bud. No longer overlooked, no longer like everything else, from nothing the bud becomes something, a seed, to a stem, to a bud, to a flower. But the bud no longer stays a bud it becomes a stunning flower.

The flower grows more ravishing with each passing second, more and more bright and amazing. Until one day, the sun goes away and the flower starts to wilt. This once vibrant miracle is transformed into a dry and ugly skeleton of itself. It is too horrible to set eyes upon, and it once again becomes unimportant, like the bud it was. Nobody cares about the wilting flower, the dying beauty. Finally, the flower becomes wisps of what it once was. But there will be more seeds and stems and buds and flowers that will replace it after it is gone. There will be more burst of blooming colors and more beautiful flowers, but there will also be more underestimated buds and more wilting, dying flowers as well.

This piece of writing is a metaphor for a human life. When you are young, a “seed” no one really notices you particularly. As you start to grow into an adult or a “flower” you are noticed more and taken more seriously, but a human starts to age and die you once again become unnoticed and unimportant. So, we should value every human being or “flower,” big and small, young and old, attractive and ugly.