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Kulekhani Hiking

There are a lots of place to hike in Nepal and one of them is Kulekhani. After traveling about nineteen kilometers from Kathmandu you will reach a middle mountain zone of Makwanpur, the place called Kulekhani. It is better known for its hydro project dam, which is the main attraction of the place. And of course Kulekhani is most famous for hiking, trekking and boating.
It is one of the most desirable places for any visitor that wont disappoint you. Even the route to Kulekhani is thrilling.

Kulekhani Pictures:

Kulekhani Facts:

Coordinates 27.58°N 85.17°E
District Makwanpur
Zone Narayani
Population (1991) 2,972

Kulekhani Map:

Kulekhani Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Kulekhani Hike 18/08/2018
Hiking from Chitlang to Kulekhani 07/04/2018
2 Day Hike To Kulekhani 07/10/2017
Hiking from Thankot to Kulekhani 23/11/2014
Hiking from Sisneri to Kulekhani Hydropower via Kulekhani 08/02/2014
Hiking from Sisneri to Kulekhani via Tekker 05/05/2012
Hiking from Markhu to Kulekhani 04/12/2011
Hiking from Shisneri to Kalanki via Kulekhani Dam 29/03/2009
Hiking from Markhu to Kulekhani via Kalanki 04/05/2008