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Khokana in Yellow and Green

 Khokana in Yellow and Green

567. Khokana in Yellow and Green
Photo By: Sumit Shakya
Posted Date: 21th January, 2014

Photo Description:
Shades of yellow and green pave the way as I walk through the village of Khokana. It is a world of its own, sustaining lives of everyday hardworking Nepalese that reside there. The picture depicts a moment I had a chance of capturing, of a life I had the privilege of experiencing. It is a place no less amazing than anywhere I have ever been, a life no less awe inspiring than any I have ever known. Sun shone in midday as I took this picture, trying to captures the simple beauty of the place. Like the lady in the picture, I moved on thereafter; it was just another day in Khokana.

Camera Specifications:
Camera model: NIKON D200
F-stop: f/10
Exposure time: 1/250sec
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 112mm