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Karma’s Karma

310. Karma’s Karma
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 11th December

These are Karma Galzen’s hands from Pisang, Manang who asked me for a pen. Actually I didn’t have a spare pen but couldn’t decline his request so I gave him the only pen I had. Just to make sure he properly uses the pen, I asked him if he could write his name. He said, “Aauccha” (Yes I can) and you can see how he wrote his name in his left palm. Later I helped him to write his name correctly on his right hand then he flashed widest smile on his face and tucked the pen in his torn t-shirt and ran away.

It’s been more than a month ago when I had met him during my trek to the Annapurna Circuit but I still wonder about Karma’s karma. When will we be able to educate all our Karmas of remote regions of Nepal? When slogan like, “Every child has the right to education” could make a real sense? I feel bad not to find the answers.