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Kalash Yatra

Kalash Yatra

472. Kalash Yatra
Photo By: Bhanu Chalise
Posted Date: 13th October, 2010
Location: Lahan, Nepal

This ceremony was captured in Dalkebar, Dhanusha at the time of Dashain festival occurring during September-October in Nepal. Women devotees carry the decorated “Kalash”, vessel carrying sacred water, from Kamala river in their head all the way to the temple. This is carried out for “ghatasthapana” for “jamara” ceremony, ie. growing barley in sand away from sunlight. This photo was taken in Dalkebar, Dhanusha Nepal.

Camera specification: NIKON D90
Shutter speed: 1/199 sec
Aperture: F/11
FL: 18mm
ISO: 200