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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


IT IS NEVER TOO LATE … (Fuel Crisis Saga)

Yesterday evening Nepal Radio’s news about Government of Nepal importing a limited amount oil from China was an eye opener for us. Readers, please note the wording a “LIMITED amount of oil from China”. When you see numerous fuel stations who boldly write on a piece of paper “PETROL CHHAINA”, Nepal’s Prime Minister finally as well as cautiously requested China to supply a limited amount of fuel to this country. This is great news, right thinking, and the start of a balanced approach, and a good gesture on the part of the Chinese Government. Though late, it is never too late in life for certain improvement process. Life is always about living and learning. This country is suffering from an acute fuel crisis; the step (though limited) of Mr. Girija Prasad Koilrala is commendable.

The rhetoric that Nepal is a landlocked country should be obsolete now. There are many landlocked countries in the world: Austria, Switzerland and others, but they are not neighbour locked.        Co-operation from their neighbours has provided them with many good opportunities. We are all aware of the fact that Nepal is sandwiched between India and China, so we use this term but my personal belief is that Nepal is not landlocked country it is locked in by India. We have a proverb in Nepal, which says, “You do not need to worry so much if the King is annoyed with you, but if your neighbours are annoyed with you then it is a problem. (Raja risaye Na daraunu, Chimeki risaye daraunu). Therefore, we Nepalese always try to maintain good relations with our neighbours. However this should be equal in terms and not limited or biased. It is interesting how the tourist arrival figures in Nepal view Indians differently to Chinese. This data always shows Chinese as foreigners! This must be rectified now.  If your house is between two others, you do not treat one house as a neighbour and other differently. When both are neighbours then one cannot be otherwise.  A balanced diplomacy, mature relationship and balanced gestures should be implemented between the two equally. There should not be disparity between two neighbours.  Let us hope, though belated that it is never too late and the fuel will reach this country from China. This should prove that a good and equal relationship with our neighbours is beneficial to this country.