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Is It YoU or Is It Me?

Don’t you still believe me?

That my feelings for you are so true.

Don’t you still wanna talk to me?

About why you are feeling so blue.

I can’t compel you to do so,

Nor can I stand to see you feeling low.

Sitting side by side one another

Why don’t I feel, us being together?

Did I do anything wrong?

Couldn’t I stand up to your expectations?

Punish me, scold me

If I did you wrong.

But don’t torture me

With that heart-breaking look

With that ear-piercing silence

And that indifferent behavior

That bleeds me to death

Just know this

And that this is true

I do love you

And I know, so do you

Then what is it that’s stopping us

Is it me or is it you???