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Interesting Job Search!!!

Getting bored after doing weeks of coding, finally decided to change the things right away. After all I am not the one made for putting black marks in the white screens of computers. As there are a lot of things to do I decided to change the job of facing computer and do some thing interesting jobs.

Week long discussion goes with friends and relatives to find right job for me. Finding some thing that I can do perfectly is big challenge as most of things I do turn out to be wrong. Some one suggest work as cook, my elder brother suggest joining music class. Taking all suggestions and doing assembly and disassembly of all I finally reach on conclusion. There is only one thing that I can do with no mistake is drinking Beer. Finally I get some thing that I am really good at. So I decided to start job in related field.

After initial searching in job market I get one break too. I found my younger brother is QC engineer at Beer factory. What else I need now visit him and find how I can I get paid for drinking beer. Without any delay I decided to visit him in weekend.

I fix my appointment, he works in evening shift. It was all set for me, just perfect one Saturday night, me and beer. I was all set and excited job that I want. As the sun goes down time of action had come for me. I drive down to the factory and enter the gate. The smell of beer is every where and sound of bottles is coming. Just the perfect place to work. With all this feeling and excitement I enter the factory. By the way I was welcome by smile of good looking receptionist.

I know the job of QC engineer in Software Company but not any manufacturing and production company like that. With all the thoughts and feeling of good time I enter the room of my cosine brother. What a surprise! There were no sitting arrangements neither drinking glasses. Socking news for me. I was thinking of some good looking person will serving beer but conduction is reverse. Above all there are computers! I ask what is this stupid device is doing here. He replies with smile, doing QC. Seems days of surprises are not over for me when he starts doing QC in xls sheet. Doing QC form them also means comparing sample data that comes from computers. Every thing is automated QC person has to watch the monitor of computer and decide the quality. At fist look his job does not look much different then me. We both watch the screen of computes and draw conclusions. It is the compute who tastes real flavor of fresh Beer not the poor QC persons. There job is to watch not to taste.

Now every thing was clear to me. I thought spending time there will be waste of my Saturday night. I resign from that job in just an hour and back to my original. Finally I decided putting black marks in white screen is much easier then watching a lots of beer in front of you and you are not allow to have it.
So my job search ended and now back in front of my computer. But I have enjoyed a different Saturday evening.