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Incredible !ndia

What a crappy mentality they have! Their thinking is very narrow and always biased and stereotypical. They have no respect for someone poorer than them and they love to be treated like dogs by someone richer than them.  They still pee on street and take shit on the bank of holy Yamuna river in Delhi  and they brag about being super-power. Now way! They have to change their attitude. They have to grow. They have to learn to respect minorities and poor. The recent comments (“If Nepalese start winning Indian Idle, who will do Chaukidari for us?”) by some Indians on Prashant’s win is a shame. How could they lower themselves to that level? If this kind of Indian mentality continues, their country very soon will be divided into 10. In their country, Biharis, the most hard-working people in the planet, are treated like shit. Biharis are laughed at in every state outside of Bihar and UP. It will not be too far before Baiharis will start fighting for separate nation. Also, it is not out of impossibility that one day Nepalese from Bhutan, Burma and India will fight for a united Nepal. If tornadoes like these come up, they can’t stop and the way minorities are being treated currently will make the situation worse for them.

Indian way:

They cheat anybody for money and trustworthiness is totally lacking among Indians. One can get the feeling when he/she hires a rickshaw (three wheelers) in Delhi.

  1. They treat poor people like shit and worship the rich and famous ones; that’s why they can’t go beyond Nehru family even after 50 years of independence. And some Indians worships Amitabh’s and Shahrukh’s portrait. Where are other 1 billion Indian Hizadas?
  2. They have no love for their country and they do anything to come to America and Europe and when they are outside of India, their usual comment is “I hate India.”
  3. According to U.N. reports, they are among the worst in the world when it comes to bribery and nepotism. This can start right from the railway station. You can’t find railway ticket without paying commission to a broker.
  4. They think they are brave. But, they were beaten up like dogs by Chinese.
  5. About 25% of members of national assembly have criminal case in the court.

And they call it “Incredible India.”

Shame on you Indians!