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Ravi Sharma


I’m a kid

Some of my friends asked “Why you’re so much like kid? . . . You still have childish character. Why so?” I don’t know why, may be coz I’m still a kid and not grownup like others are. Some even say “You dress up like kid” “your write up reminds me of those childhood days” and so on….. There are few who admire me, appreciate me for my very same character. Nevertheless, they can be counted in finger and am really thankful to them for their support.

I see lots of so called grownups, adults and matured man often saying “Those childhood days and school classes …… ah … I really enjoyed those days. I wish to go back and live like a child…. “. I get confused when they say so. I even asked the college guys even they say “Those School days were the best than the college days… The classrooms… Singing rhymes… PTs …. Ah I still want to be like kid and go back to school again” … I find these people unhappy with what they are and with their adulthood. But there are few who are happy with what they are. They don’t desire to be like kid anymore, they have enjoyed their kid life and they are enjoying their current life.

To those, who desire to be like kid have had never enjoyed their childhood fully. They still want to be kid and enjoy it. Seems like something is left behind in the past- pending, which made them so dubious – why they left it pending? They still have not experienced the pending job of their life so they seek babyhood to get back and take pleasure in the left over which was left behind long-long years ago. So whenever they get time to do so they do it with their full heart and enjoy it a lot. Some try it when they get drunk, some do it in parties, some in get together, and some do it by writing… as I do…….
Even there are some pending jobs in my life when I was child. I’m still trying to complete it. And that might be the reason why I’m still like kid and like people calling me so.