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holi purnima : A tradition Culture along India Nepal since millenniums

holi purnima : A Tradition Culture along India Nepal since millenniums >>>><<<
Colors are blissful
Full Moon day is gleaming
Shine your brain
Polish your thoughts
Brighten your future
Enjoy your day
Intoxicate your mind
Play with your friends
Spray the water
drink a lot of bhang
Be Mangal Pandey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o8Cslm9uNc

Be Amitabh Bachhan : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm17BPGvZSc

Flirt with ladies, women
Flirt with Gents , Men
Soak your clothes
Soak your heart
Play the Drums, Doldrums
Make funny faces
Sleep for days
Program new
Be creative
Use pumps
throw tukucha water
Even tag with Sewage
Wear white clothes for the day
Put one hand at waist another with others
savour the dhaturo
sip the mari..na
Explode the colors
Ring the bells
Fully love love and love
Season of prayers and blessings
Holika and Yamaraj is in your heart
Get rid of them
Paint Everything you can
Look the the beautiful shining full moon at night
Camp fire
Rich hues strike you off-balance
Harpoon the victim
MeSmerize by drunken movements aND DANCE A LOT

Be Radha Kanha Krishna Radha Love birds love pairs, Couples
Touch hands lock eyes lock heart lock souls
Get ultimate pleasure , bliss, spiritualism

Finally attain God via HOLI PUnhe, Purnima