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Hiking from Changunarayan Temple to Nagarkot

Route Changunarayan Temple > Nagarkot
Date June 18, 2017
Hike Duration 11 hrs
Coordinator Pukar Dhital
Participants Grade IX and Grade VII, Bibek Adhikari, Mazina Rajopadhayaya, Neha Roy, Ms. Sydney Lamb, Lauren Lamb, Pukar Dhital
Report By Suprina Rana Magar and Sumnima Rai (DSS Grade IX students)
Edited By Barsha Dahal
Photos By Neha Roy
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

We, the students of class 9 and class 7, were taken hiking from Changunarayan Temple to Nagarjot on Sunday, 18th June. First of all, we came to school at 6:45 a.m. Our teacher Bibek sir, Mazina ma’am, Neha ma’am, Pukar sir, Lauren ma’am, and Sydney ma’am were also with us for guiding us. We left our school at 7:00 a.m.

While travelling, we saw many natural beauties of our valley. Finally, we arrived at Changu and started our hiking from there. The place where we went was full of natural beauty. The roads were naturally made. After walking for one or two hours, we took a short break at Talikot. It was a very sunny day. We were walking through stairs, somewhere it was a slope, and some places it was a road. We were very tired of walking. To reduce our tiredness, we played games with each other, listened to the music and clicked photos. Pukar sir told us the names of important places while walking. Finally we reached to Talikote Temple and took a short break there. Again we walked for sometime. After walking for four to five hours, we took our tiffin at chautara and we felt very relaxed. Then, again our hike started and walked for between two and three hours. Then, we reached Nagarkot. When we reached there, the van was waiting for us. Then, we went to Nagarkot View Tower. After reaching the view tower, we clicked a group photo and had a lot of fun there.

Then we arrived at DWIT at 4:30 p.m. There we had our snack and we returned home. Thank you DSS for having a memorable time hiking.

Though nearly 6 hours of hiking in the Nepali mountains with the unfamiliarly high altitude and burning sun was a physical and mental toll, it was also a chance to experience Nepal from a context outside of the bustling city and talk with students also worn out but happy from the hiking.

The day began early: 7 o’clock at the school. Soon after arriving, we loaded onto a bus and a van and made our way out of the city. We jostled around in the bus, unused to the seemingly reckless driving to reach our initial destination.

Piling out of the buses, the group began the hike on a trail that already seemed to be at the top of a mountain.

Piling out of the buses, the group began the hike on a trail that already seemed to be at the top of a mountain. We traversed the terrain, at times walking downhill covered by the shade of the trees, other times attempting an uphill trek on rocky ground, trying not to lose our footing.

At times when we stopped for rest, students eagerly drank from their water bottles and shared snacks they had brought. We continued the hike up a long series of stairs and hiked even further into the mountains. As we hiked, we passed the local people in their homes and admired the scenery. At one point, we stopped for a moment to eat from a plum tree. A couple more hours and we reached the bus, which drove us the last leg. We walked a couple more stairs past trees adorned with prayer flags and reached the tower where we were able to look out on the mountains and the city below us.

The traffic returning to Deerwalk was a standstill at some points and we ended up walking the last five minutes to the school to enjoy a late lunch together. As students finished their meals, they left to return home. Though the hike was significantly longer than anticipated, the experience was unforgettable: talking with students about life in Nepal versus in America and seeing the unique beauty of Nepal.