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We, the organizers have not only donated our hard earned cash in different outlets at different times, but also thought to bind diverse team members who have contributed in our teams directly or indirectly via Partying which is the strongest phenomenon these days. Please refer to http://ingeniousinterplay.com/


We would like to invite you to a cocktail party at the Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant & Bar at Thapathali, Kathmandu from 6:30pm onwards on Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

Please find the direction to the restaurant attached with this email.

On behalf of Bhaskar Bhattarai, Bimal Koirala, Kundan Khanal, Lava Kafle, Raj B Thakuri, Sharad Pokharel and Subodh Gurung

Yours Truly,

This email composed by Vishnu Kshettri was sent to whole set of teams that were during part of corporate life involved directly/indirectly in some of the projects.

Extremely sorry to say, for many of friends and team members we got :

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Wednesday to live for!
Sent: 6/10/2008 8:28 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached

and we feel sorry for typing wrong email address and for not being to call unofficially or verbally. We were negligent there. We will improve next time so nobody from organization misses such parties.

Anyway, it was a big fun with many new games played. Many Proposals and rejection offers were heard. Many were crying to release the pain and many more were laughing to release the excitement of the party. As soon as Thakur Gyawali entered the party scene, it started getting hotter. Other missing teams started jumping in who had to finish their jobs before joining the party. There was a huge hullabaloo. All started peeking in to see what happened inside the circle.Raj Thakuri won the game and got chance to propose to a Princess by becoming a Knight. Hitesh Karki became the Knight and proposed to another Princess by kneeling before her. We were mesmerized by this new play seen first time in the history of get-together and parties. It continued as the night slipped by and the moon started to shower its charismatic spell on party-makers.

It was a great opportunity to bind diverse teams into one place at one time and to recognize many faces previously unknown.

Many did not make to Party even though they received invitations.

Vishnu and Prashanta Shrestha had booked the place on Tuesday to make plenty of time and room for us.

The Chinese Cuisines were superb lest we are not used to the food quality of Chinese daily. The International Standard place, beautiful garden, and the rooftop with all are seen below in photographs that are not Edited at all.

Please right click photo, Save and put a comment on which photo you liked or disliked based on the photo number. If some volunteer is available, please put nice caption alongside.

It was a lucky day for Nepalese as the former King Gyanendra at last left his big Narayanhiti Palace making room for federal republic. The pictures below show eve of the moment when there will not be another such sunset, and the Statute of the First Shah Ruler of Kathmandu will never again witness his inheritors staying in Narayanhiti palace. “Narayan” is Hindu God’s name and “hiti” means water spout.