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Ramesh Tamang


F1Soft is a lousy place to work!

One of the ex-employees told this freelance IT blogger that F1Soft (www.f1soft.com) is a lousy place to work. They never give salary on time, occasionally months late. A couple of locally trained guys who lacks global IT perspective think they run the IT of Nepal. One of its so called owners with last name Dhakal recently went on to media and bashed another IT company which has entered into its competitive landscape with intense brute force and second to none acumen. That Dhakal guy did not know that something he thought of pioneering had been in practice in the mobile technology for years. And what background and knowledge this guy has that he can develop mobile technology. It is said that he just stole from open-source and sold it to banks. He has violated open-source licenses. His software could be banned from distributing commercially. I was told that other company is developing from ground zero and application is 100 times superior to what F1Soft put together by stealing open-source codes. What a loser! It is also said that F1Soft hired one of D2’s mediocre employee (who was struggling in D2 getting no promotion and raise) when its star employee quit and join another reputed firm in Kathmandu. Stay away from these guys. That’s what my friend told me. If you do not believe, talk to the F1Soft ex-employees.