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Nilesh Shrestha


Exploring the World Part I

I landed in a beautiful serene place. The day was sunny and sky was lying in distant, clear and beautiful. I didn’t see any patches of clouds. The place where I just stepped on was a beach. The yellowish sand and the clean dark blue sea was enthralling. I looked at myself, but I was quite a different. I felt I was taller, paler and more muscular. I was even not wearing glasses, but I liked it as glasses are not comfortable and I could see well there. I noticed I was wearing an orange color …

shirt with a lane of white border running through buttons, left loose on top of dark khaki short…I strode to move forward, where few groups of people were standing and busy chatting. I went closer and looked at them but did keep my distance not to get noticed. I was mesmerized to see people were so advanced in this place. Most of them were glamorously dressed! Some were exposing their well trained six-pack muscular body, some were barely dressed with all possible tattoos displayed and to my relief I could see few dressed just like me. I could easily guess that they were new in this place just as I was.

I wanted to stroll around and see this beautiful place and explore more into this world, but all of sudden a beautiful girl turned up before me out of no where. She smiled at me, waved her hand and said “Hi’. I uttered back “Hi”, tried to become bold and asked, “How are you doing today?”. The girl started to laugh jumping and bending forward, but that looked cute! I thought I did some foolishness, but she replied back, “Good and U?”. I thought before she could sense my nervousness and laugh hilariously again at me, I would confess her that I was new to the place. We continued to talk for a while and found out many things about her; as a veteran of the place, her confidence level was higher, so she managed to find out all about me (what she needed). I almost forgot about the scenic beauty of the place while talking with her, till I dared to looked around the place standing before her. Along the side of the beach, there werere many nice buildings erect, I could guess those should be places to hang around. I was making up my mind to as her what we could do there, she must have realized it and asked me if I would like to go for a dance. Naturally, I didn’t hesitate to say “YES”, note I didn’t say “ok”.

She leaded me to a dazzling colorful Discotheque nearby. The place was beautifully decorated and had all colors of lights projected on the dance floor. I was amazed to see that how skillfully one could dance there. She did all kinds of movements with all parts of her body and I was just standing there not knowing how to move my own body. I was very new and just learnt how to walk and yes how to run. It was very kind of her to teach me few of the tricks so that I could start dancing with her tempo and I even didn’t bother to learn complicated steps. After spending some time and exchanging our contact information, she left the place. The only reason I came into this place was to explore this word, to find out what people could do there and how they could enjoy the place, so I didn’t mind blowing out few kisses to the very girl who was so pretty and so real (I learnt this from her). I went back to the place where many people were still standing and busy talking.

I had been to many beaches. I spent months paddling along the beaches in Aberystwyth, Wales. But this particular beach was different! You could drive along the sea shore and all the fancy buggies could be seen there. These buggies must be powered by Hydrogen as they look so. One could easily guess that the buggy owners must be very rich and influential in that society. I envied at them and wished I could possess one like that soon…

(Photos wll be at the end of the Exploration)