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Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: FINAL LIST of 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012 is published at: http://everestlist.org/everest-100-top-it-companies-in-nepal-2012/.

We invite you to VOTE for up to 3 companies in our Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012 list.

– Make sure that you carefully select up to 3 companies before clicking “Vote”.

– Voting ends at 12:00 am on June 1, 2012.

– This year, the companies are listed in alphabetical order till 100. From 101, the companies that we missed in the initial list and which were recommended to us are listed. (From next year, only 100 companies will be listed on the basis of number of votes this year.)

When you vote, we request you to consider the following criteria:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Benefits
3. Management
4. Growth and learning opportunity
5. Work environment

The voting is open to the public and we hope this to be an opportunity for the best IT companies in Nepal to be recognized.

NOTE: Voting is logged by Cookie and IP. (If you have not voted but you just see the results, it is possible that someone who is sharing your IP, say in your office, has already voted. In that case, try voting from home.)

UPDATE1: We admit that our selection procedure for the first 100 companies in the list has been basically ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘simple search’.

UPDATE2: We have decided not to restrict this year’s list to just 100. We will keep on adding any companies we may have missed. However, please provide us the following when recommending companies:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Address (Preferably, the exact physical location of your company should be mentioned on your website.)
  3. Company Website

UPDATE3: We have revised the voting end date to June 1, 2012.

We intend to continue the Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal series every year. Please let us know if you want us to add any company we may have missed. (Next year, addition of any companies to the list will result in removal of companies with the lowest number of votes this year.)

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