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EU: Viewer’s Verdict 7

Open Your Mouth HA HA HA


Do Comment on this snapshot by Anubhav Nepal as your verdict. Good snapshot or bad? Like it or loathe it?
Your verdicts could be one of ‘3 Best Verdicts’ of this snapshot.

The Aim of this series:

  1. To help viewers to view picture in a photographic perspective.
  2. To help aspiring, hobbyist, or amateur photographer to have constructive feedback on their work.
  3. To create an interactive platform for everyone who are fond of photography here in EU.
  4. To motivate viewers to make constructive comment.

If you have ‘Snapshot’ like this send us at euvv@everestuncensored.org and get feedback from EU Viewer’s as their Verdict. It may help you to improve your photography skill. While sending please attach only one picture in JPEG format per email. Do not forget to mention where and why you took the photo. Please maintain the size of your picture at good resolution for better viewing. And yes don’t forget to name your snapshot (caption).

Every snapshot in this series gets Shutterbug’s constructive comment in next month’s “3 Best EU Viewer’s Verdict” series.