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Economic Wonder

Every time I travel to Countryside, I simply fall in love with nature. I find peace and

contentment when I see the harmony of nature and people. Well, if I ever get to be an Alice in

Wonderland and adventure a far-a-way land, I’d day dream right here right now and my imagination

would wander in the fascinating landscape of Switzerland.

I remember when I was told about Switzerland by an Indigenous Human Right Delegate who had been

to Geneva Conference. “Switzerland is somewhat like our own Nepal. It has incredibly similar

biodiversity, climate and richness of natural resources as that of our Country. However, Swiss

are successful to utilize and promote their natural resources to create a wonder. Switzerland is

undoubtedly the foremost pioneering country in organic farming and has remained so until today.”

More often I wonder Nepal can be like Switzerland of Asia as well. Nepal has an agriculture

dominated economy. In the late 1980s, it was the livelihood for more than 90 percent of the

population although only approximately 20 percent of the total land area was cultivable and

accounted for about 60 percent of the GDP and approximately 75 percent of exports. Since,

agriculture has been the highest priority because economic growth was dependent on both

increasing the productivity of existing crops and diversifying the agricultural base for use as

industrial inputs.

Now, let’s take an example of an Apple, by Apple I mean Fruit not Apple Mac,

Orchards in Mustang and about those delicious ripe apples scattered all over the ground. At the

same time the bitter truth that they go wasted and spoiled because of lack of proper storage and

commercial distribution, despite of good and quality production, they can’t be efficiently

transported to even Pokhara and Kathmandu. Ultimately, we have to eat cheap and tasteless Indian

or Chinese Apples. Had we proper technology, transportation, preservation of food products and

increasing no. of Organic Farms as well as livestock Farming, it would have been sufficient to

eradicate hunger and poverty prevalent in rural area. Only if agro-products could be distributed

properly, import of food from open borders could be stopped. We could cut a huge amount of

expenditure and utilize them for education and development.

While considering those few facts and figures, I’d let my thoughts drift to Wonderland again,

now I wonder would it be Switzerland or Nepal.. 😕 ❓