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Ravi Sharma


Do you live in present

Time and tide waits for no one. Time is flowing and never stopping phenomenon of the universe. It goes on and on and no one can ever stop it. If u try you’ll fail….. The only existence of time can be felt, can be imagined but it can never be predicted. It’s always passing by, flowing like a spring which never rise up. Time as such can only be captured looking at the past. It has no end point it is like infinity. If u ever try to capture time in its utter presence, the moment you feel you have captured time becomes the past.

Past; which has been done, which has passed away, which will never come back again, which existed sometime back but now it’s gone. NOW, the very now is going to be past in the course of time. Yes, what you call now, what you say present is not present at all. It is past. There can never be present in the course of time. Flow is the nature of time; each moment, each incident you call present becomes past in the flow of time, in the spring of time. So, where goes the present? Does present ever exist? Can we stop the flow of time to get the present? Can we live in present?

Time has created hurdle in the existence of present. And if you imagine there’s no present then how can you say that there is something like past. To define past you must be in present, if you can’t find the present, if u don’t imagine of present then you won’t be able to define past. To define past you must be in present, but are you really in present???

Now past is gone. So what comes next is future, which is sure to come but again it can never be predicted. Historians live in past, they go on pondering a lot of the past, they don’t care about the future their only concern is to go the past and capture the time in the past. Scientists, poet, musicians they all work for future, they care for future. Every moment these two people work as if they are really working in the present but they are unaware about its existence. Their every moment has become past, their every findings has become past. They still work on and on in the passage of time which never rise up which never stops and which can never be stopped.

If u can live in present you’ve achieved your life. Now there’s no question, all questions are answered. Now you’ve become the time. You are now enlightened, you have become the existence, the ultimate.
“Sit silently, do nothing”

Spring comes, and grasses grow itself”