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Nilesh Shrestha


Directors of Nepal Rastra Bank

Nepal Rastra Bank, the federal bank of Nepal is known as one of the best organizations controlled by the government. The employees get sufficient benefits compared to other government owned organization and the bank has been one of the lucrative places to get employed and stick to it for life long. I have come across its official website and got surprised to see that most of the Officers are Directors! Anyone with an Undergraduate Degree is considered as an Officer. Even a small IT Departement (I am familiar with) with 15 Engineers and four of them are Directors. The ratio is much worse in other department. To implement a small size project, which usually takes a couple of weeks for a private organization, a six month period is given to the team. The utilization factor is very low and most of the Officers are engaged in personal business. I have tried to summarize the departemental head count of Directors. For details you can check http://www.nrb.org.np/

# Department Total Officers Directors
1 Office of The Governor 5 2
2 Human Resources Management Department 12 10
3 General Services Department 12 8
4 Financial Management Department 18 17
5 Research Department 45 42
6 Foreign Exchange Management Department 17 15
7 Internal Audit Department 18 17
8 Banks and Financial Inst. Regulation Dept. 29 26
9 Bank Supervision Department 35 33
10 Financial Institutions Supervision Department 36 35
11 Micro-Finance Department 13 12
12 Information Technology Department 15 4
13 Bankers Training Center 5 5
14 Legal Division 8 7
15 Public Debt Management Department 11 10
16 Corporate Planning Department 9 9
17 Banking Office, Thapathali 38 28
18 Currency Management Department 24 14
19 Household Budget Survey Project 12 8

This report might me controversial but it clearly shows that there should be a better way of management.