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Deerwalk joins local entrepreneurs to launch an Institute of Technology in Nepal


In order to strengthen the growth of technological resources in Nepal, Deerwalk has created a venture with local entrepreneurs in Nepal to launch an institute of technology. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) has been established to prepare and diversify domestic software engineers for the growing global software industry. For an outsourcing company like Deerwalk, capable and proficient engineers are essential pillars of its business. Therefore, an investment in DWIT is also an investment in Deerwalk’s future. In time, DWIT plans to be a globally and domestically recognized learning institute that combines theory and practice in the fields of technology, science, economics, and management.

To establish DWIT, Deerwalk brought together many local entrepreneurs with varying backgrounds in academia, banking, medicine, information technology, and several disciplines in engineering. With the common goal of improving the quality of technical education in Nepal, DWIT is in the process of obtaining a Letter of Intent from the Ministry of Education. Initially, DWIT will offer four bachelor degree programs: computer engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, and computer science and information technology.