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Deerwalk Data Analytics Team Outing to Sauraha

Title Deerwalk Data Analytics Team Outing to Sauraha
Route Kathmandu >> Sauraha >> Kathmandu
Date Jan 12, 2013 – Jan 13, 2013
Coordinator Bijay Shrestha, Sagar Chakradhar
Participants Ajit Kumar Chaudhary, Bijay Shrestha, Bimarsh Pokharel, Bipul Shrestha, Bishwas Pandey, Manish Dhakal, Netra, Rosina Shakya, Sabita Khadka, Sagar Chakradhar, Sagar Raj Adhikari, Sunil Ghimire, Susma Pant.
Photos By Bipul Shrestha, Sabita Khadka
Report By Bishwas Pandey, Ajit Kumar Chaudhary
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Bishwas PandeyBishwas Pandey

On the early morning of 12th January, we started off for our team building trip to Sauraha with a sip of tea at Kalanki. The joy and excitement never ceased from the get go. After having breakfast nearby Naubise, we headed towards our destination. The journey became more and more interesting with jokes and music. We had our lunch at Dasdhunga, and had some photos clicked at the bank of the Narayani River before continuing our journey.

Things got more exciting ones we were at our destination with canoeing in Rapti River, elephant rides, barbeques and team building games. While canoeing we had a good view of crocodiles and some jokes were cracked on them. After we returned, we played some team building games. We went for BBQ and had our dinner before sitting down to play cards. Some of us had tough luck, like Rosina, while others got lucky, like Sunil.

Even when being away from home I never felt like it, as the Deerwalk family was right there with me.

As schedule, the next morning we went for elephant ride, and as usual some jokes were cracked on Ajit again. After having tea we went to the river bank and watched elephant bath. We then headed towards our hotel as we needed to start packing up for the return trip home. The winners of the team building games were awarded with some of the gifts. Manish got a pickle and a shoe polish together, I am very interested to know what he will do with them.

It was my first outing from Deerwalk and a pretty memorable one. Every single member of our team was friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the team building outing to the fullest. Even when being away from home I never felt like it, as the Deerwalk family was right there with me.

Ajit Kumar ChaudharyAjit Kumar Chaudhary

The much awaited and exciting day of 12th January, 2013 finally came when Deerwalk Data Analytics Team went off for their team building in the one of the most famous places in Nepal, Sauraha. We all left the office premises at 7am. The trip started with cracking jokes and having lots of fun among each other in the van. Enjoyment went on further; Bipul was on guitar, ready all the way from Kathmandu. We all sang chorus together while he played. We really enjoyed singing with him. We reached Sauraha at around 1:00 pm. We found the resort really luxurious and comfortable. Then we went for canoeing. It was really fun, specially the jokes of Kedhar dai and Manish. We spotted crocodiles, birds and other wild animals while canoeing. Moving on, after coming back to the resort, the time for music and dance started; we enjoyed each and every moment around there. Then we played exciting team building games like “Paper flip” and “Balloon dance”. Bipul and Rosina came first in the “Paper flip” while Sagar and Bijay came first in the “Balloon dance”. Then we had dinner around 8:30 pm. After having dinner we all played cards, and decided to wake up early next day for elephant safari.

Early morning after having breakfast we all went for elephant safari at around 8:15 am. Nobody was tired; everybody was enthusiastic about the safari. It was an hour and half long trip where we saw python, deer and many other animals. Then without wasting any time we went to the Rapti Riverside and spent some time out there. We set off for Kathmandu at around 12:30 pm. I wish I could have stayed longer; but never mind, we are surely going to have many more of these team outings in the near future.