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Dawn,Smile and My Love

At the break of the dawn; when the dews were still tinkling;
Carried away by the chill breeze, it flew to me, to be always mine.
Had I been hit by the Cupid? Or was it the Beautiful Dawn?
Forgive me my weakness; I couldn’t resist that “Carefree Smile”.

A Moment to Treasure, the safest place I found was my Heart.
Static Moment, it remained so forever, Couldn’t change it to Time.
It didn’t rush to future; neither could it “Fade to Black” in History.
“Running In a Circle”; Round! Round!! Round!!! Ambiguous like Relativity.

Like someone behind the Misty nights, I can’t see your beautiful face.
Your picture is vague to me, can’t remember: High-Low, Lights and Shades.
All I remember is your “Carefree Smile”. Always in my mind never fades.
“Candle of Hope never burns out”; all I know is, “True Love Waits”.