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Nilesh Shrestha


D2 Waltham Soccer

When I came to Boston a year back, it was winter too and that put me into impression that Boston was just not a place for out door sports. Landscapes changed with time. Winter was gone and Spring came, so did the spirit in Waltham. The white snow laden field of Brandies University turned out to be a beautiful green soccer ground. At the same time, I heard from PawanS that the guys from D2 used to play soccer there and they were ready this time too. He was doing a great job in cajoling people to join the team as you know, without significant number of players, the game could have never happened. He was very successful in that and I was one of them who  nodded to join the team. The sole reason was to get rid of the nightmare once I had that I was to undergo a liposuction in my belly. Stretching and loosing muscle tissues that has been tightened over the period might be a bonus. Finally everyone managed to put on whatever sports gear they had and a team of eight was ready for a real kick-off.   Initial couple of days were just the beginning. Rejuvenated right from the start, people started purchasing more soccer gear. Again, PawanS was leading the team as he bought one more soccer ball. Most of us got a pair of soccer shoes. SanjayG once had to take a nasty foul and bought a pair of leg guard. Anyway, all the enthusiastic participant were putting their individual effort to form a D2 Waltham soccer squad and sense of that you can glean out of the pictures below.   PawanS, AnilS, PawanP, OmkarP, TikaU, BijayG, HimalK, SanjayG, UjjwalS, GregM and our D2Nepal veterans RajuS, SudeepA, PrajwalH have made our team very interesting and guess who is joining us this week. John Cassella.   One thing I don’t want to miss here is we will be getting a little bit of official support just to follow the path we have set in Nepal. In appreciation here are some of the pictures.

Caption: Pawan Shrestha
Weather Condition: Raining
Camera: Prajwal Hada

The team..where is Greg?

Pawan stretching

Nilesh’s leg stretch

Omkar’s turn

Greg will be watching you

Pawan’s warning up

Omkar’s first touch

Players getting into field

Greg and PawanP

Tika’s bad reputation

Sanjay is all set

Game starts

Greg in action

Nilesh doesn’t see the ball

PawanP and Sudeep

Game continues

Prajwal, this is not baseball

Getting ready for the second half

Game goes on

Move by Himal

Game goes on

PawanP covering Tika

Raju the goalie

PawanP ready for the golden goal

Himal ready for a strike

(match) Balls

Game ends.