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Nilesh Shrestha


D2 Waltham Soccer – 7/30/2008

Report: John Cassella 

Last night the D2 booters took the pitch at Brandeis University.

The intra squad match had two sides of 7.

The quality of play was so outstanding that a large crowd of young spectators gathered to witness some of the finest football this side of Kathmandu.

They were treated to the “beautiful game” thanks to some fancy playmaking by Omkar, Pawan S, Greg,  Tika, and Nilesh. There were several EPL scouts among the spectators and they were seen talking with Prajwal, Upendra and Pawan P. who they were hoping to sign. John played and demonstrated why the US has never won a world cup.

Caption: Pawan Shrestha

Nilesh: John made it through out the game and was successfull scoring two goals!! That was superb John! We are glad to have you in the team!


John, catch me if you can

stretch before game

John and pawanS, one2one

Greg, goalie practice

first half break


break time

discussing first half performance

getting ready for next hour of action

it was not dark yet

Greg and PawanS, planning strategy

Tika, explaining field tactics

Indra, on the line

move by RajuS

nowhere is the ball

attack by Omkar

busy dribbling

Tika marches forward

PawanP to tika

Upendra blocking PawanP

Indra pushes forward

Greg to goal

Greg got it again

John and Greg

all towards RajuS

after goal

game continues

Prajwal, nice move

Sudeep, marching forward