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Team loses by a single goal

D2 loses by a single goal
D2 Football Team
Finally, after forced break of two weeks in a row due to waterlogged ground, we were able to play the match. The much awaited 9 aside game was played against Goethals’ Alumni team.

The first half saw the scores leveled at 2-2. D2 faced some difficulty due to its inability to make substitutions because not all of those listed in the team made to the ground. However the makeshift keeper, Shankar Sharma, made some excellent saves helping the score to remain a tie.

After 10 minutes break, the game was 45 minutes each half, the match resumed. D2 slowly ran out of steam, nonetheless kept fighting, because the opposing team started making changes at regular intervals. D2’s proud record of not having lost a single match at this particular ground finally got broken. The first defeat at Brihaspati grounds was inevitable. In dying minutes, D2 conceded a goal wrapping up game with final scores of 3-2.

All in all, a good game. Congratulations all the players for the attitude and team spirit.

Scorers: Abhisek

Man of the match: Shankar Sharma, undoubtedly.

Abhisek lifts himself up

Another shot

Anupam looks on

ball in the center

Bijay’s chase

Chaman clears the ball

Clearing the ball to the safe zone


D2’s goal charged again

D2’s goal

feeling not so good,hyaa haryo

Guest player for D2 Chaman

hang up the boots

Hitesh in the midst of action

Keeper comes forward

man of the match

Manoj in posession

Prashanta contemplates

Shankar moves on as a striker

somewhere in the second half


The stadium

They miss again!

Trying to foil a pass