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D2 Football League – Gameweek 12 – Product Pirates Vs. Verisk Rhinos

Last Saturday Pirates were in mood to win the game; they had to win this match to keep their dream of winning the tournament alive. On the other side, Rhinos had completely different plans. They have been showing their toughness and aggression in the recent times of the tournament. They were in no mood to let Pirates win this match. Though they lost their first leg against Pirates, they had a hope that they would win this match because they had brought SujanB as their left winger. Combination of SujanB and RamW might help them to win this match.

“Both the teams were thinking they deserved to be leading the score-line, but…”

From the very start of the game, Rhinos made some great move. Starting with a perfect pass from RamW to RoshanS, the ball was struck beautifully only to be blocked by KeshabB(Pirates GK). Rampant Rhinos were running wild on the glossy green ground but Pirates were not intimidated by their opponent and gradually took control over the game. Combination of RajivS, BhabukK and VinayaS: key front liners of Pirates gave Rhinos’ Defense a hard time. Their counterparts; RamW, SujanB, VishnuK, HimalK and RoshanS were playing beautiful passes and kept Pirates defenders busy all the time. By the time, Referee decided it’s the time to stop the game for half time, both the teams were thinking they deserved to be leading the score-line, but the actual score of 0-0 was resonating on both team players’ head like the sound of ungreased machines.

Both the teams were loaded with some new tactics for second half. It seemed that whoever scored the first goal might win the game. The deadlock ended in 20th minute, when RajivS stole the Rhinos goal-kick from their player and rolled a perfect pass to VinayaS, which he was so determined to capitalize on that he delivered a thunderous kick to the ball. It moved like an A-train hurrying to kiss the back of the net. Pramod’s diving effort seemed helpless to stop the goal. Celebration started on Pirates side but their celebration lasted only for 5 minutes when ManojR’s hand gave Rhinos a free kick in a formidable position. SujanB took that free kick which was saved by Pirates Defender but the ball was still on Pirates D-Area. After some mess inside the small D, ShankerS pushed the ball behind the goal-line that made Pirates’ dream sink like a cannon ball. The game ended 1-1 draw which provided Rhinos second 1 point of the tournament, still not enough to take them out of the bottom position in the league table. The other camp, however, looked more disappointed to receive a major blow to their feeble title hope.

Match Statistics:
D2-Football League Gameweek12: May 16, 2009

Products Pirates      1-1       Verisk Rhinos

=================Half Time 0-0==================



================Final Score 1-1==================

Lineup and Subs:

Products Pirates: 1.KeshabB(GK), 2.PrajwalS, 3.ManojR, 4.ManishS, 5.AkashS(13.JeevanB, 35′), 7.BhabukK, 8.RajivS(C), 9.VinayS, 10.SakarS, 12.AsimM, 14.BabinsS

Verisk Rhinos: 1.PramodG(GK), 2.HimalK, 3.RamW, 4.SirisB(C), 5.VishnuK, 6.RoshanS, 7.UjjwalH(13.BishwaR,50′), 8.BhimS, 9.SujanB, 10.ManojK(14.ShankarS, 38′), 11.SurendraM

Match Report By: ManojR
Photos By: Santosh Pradhan

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