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D2 Football Flicks

Last Saturday, Eight D2 football enthusiast reached at MalPokhari ground. Though the ground was bit muddy because of week long rain, all eight were ready to kick the ball and enjoy rainy season football. We divided eight players into two teams. Team A consisted of BhabukK,RoshanG,PragyaB and ManojR while HiteshK,TejasweeR,PradipG and BiswasdeepK formed Team B. Game had started around 7:45 AM, due to a long wait for ball and lasted till 8:45 AM. Team B won the game by 6-4. New Official ball has arrived, so hoping for much more fun in coming weeks. Football is game for all seasons, Keep on playing whether its rain or shine. Below is the glimpse of the game.

1mal pokhari ground 7 am
1.Mal pokhari ground @7 am

2grounds condition
2.Grounds condition

3yippee who cares about ground condition
3.Yippee!!! who cares about ground condition

4lets start the game1
4.Lets start the game1

5battle for the ball
5.Battle for the ball

6wheres the ball
6.Wheres the ball

7stuck in water
7.Stuck in water

8bhabuk knows how to dribble in water
8.Bhabuk knows how to dribble in water

9tej pragya in action
9.Tejaswee & pragya in action

10damn wrong pass
10.Damn wrong pass