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2008 Jul – D2 Football

D2 had another setback with a 3-0 loss to Goethals Alumni in their ground at Brihaspati School. In the 8-a-side match played in the rain-soaked pitch, D2 could not stop the quick passing and accurate finishes of the Goethals attack. Goethals were in control from the beginning and was not shy at shooting from distance. D2 managed to block the long range shots of Goethals but was a goal down at half time. In the second half D2 began pouring men forward resulting in wide gaps at the back. But it was Goethals who made the most of it by adding another two.

Match Summary:
D2 vs Goethals
Venue: Brihaspati School Ground
Full time score: 0-3 (0-1 HT)

Match photus (photus by Shankar Sharma)

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footbll 010

footbll 011

footbll 012

footbll 013

footbll 014

footbll 015

footbll 016

footbll 017

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footbll 025

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