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Corporate football – TUN vs D2

D2 started its corporate football league with clash against Tundikhel United, the team formed three years ago when people from various areas of interest started practicing together every week in the Tundikhel ground. Having been formed only a year back D2, on the other side, lacked enough match practice as they tumbled to a 4-2 loss at IOE, Pulchowk ground against the more experienced side from Tundikhel. It was an entertaining match though, played between two halves of 35 mins each, with goals coming in at frequent intervals. D2 appeared to be more organized at the beginning and took an early lead capitalizing on the mistake of the makeshift goalkeeper Samesh Joshi. The goalkeeper was completely deceived by the bounce on the hard and uneven ground of Pulchowk and Asim was on hand to head it home.

The second half was compeletely different though, as D2 began to lose its shape and the Tundikhel team gave a lot of problems by their quick short passes and it wasn’t long before they hit back with quick successive goals to turn the table. Although D2 managed to get one more, it was clear that D2 team was not up to it and the misery was compounded by a late own goal by substitue Prashanta. A dangerous low cross at the box from the right wing eluded several D2 defenders before it hit the D2’s makeshift right back and rolled in towards the far post.

The second leg is being played at IOE, Pulchowk ground on Saturday, Jan06.

Match Statistics
TUN vs D2
Venue: IOE, Pulchowk ground
Full time score: 4-2 (first half 0:1)

TUN starting lineup – Niyosh, Anup, Ratish, Prashant, Ujwol (c), Amit, Yug, Sudarshan, Man Singh, Samesh (GK)
Substitutes – Sakil

D2 starting lineup – Sanjeet, Hitesh (c), Prajwal, Rajan, Sajan, Anupam, Bijay, Asim, Keshav (GK), Biswa, Dhiraj
Substitutes – Bhanu, Raju, Shankar, Prashanta

Match Photus
Photus by Bimal Koirala

– Teams warming up

– D2 starting lineup

– D2 squad

– TUN starting lineup

0386 – D2 gets its first corner

– Keshav was quite busy most of the time

– Biswa hurries the clearance

– D2 begins to lose its shape in midfield

– Biswa was outstanding in defence

– Amit gave quite a prob from left wing

– Hitesh had pretty quite game

– Bijay had to work tooth & nails for whole 70 mins

– Anup (far left) anticipating a cross

– Anupam in action

– Ujwol marshalled the TUN defense

– Prashant (left) providing support to Ujwol

– Sanjeet with the ball

– Dhiraj (#18) was D2’s makeshift left back

– Ratish lining up for free kick

– Asim (#22) tracking back to help the D2 defense

– Asim (#22) had to do a lot of work alone in the attack

– Shankar voluntered for refereeing during the first half

– Niyosh (left) making a supporting run while Sudeep(#16) looks

– D2’s midfield shape becomes poorer and poorer as the match progresses

– Hitesh tries to block a shot from Ratish as Bijay(#3) and Sajan(#10) look on

– Sakil (center) had little to do for TUN

– Sanjeet made at least 2 good crosses from the right

– Sajan had to do a lot of work at the center of midfield for D2

– Raju (clearing the ball) came on as second half substitude for Prajwal

– D2 players trying to make most from the set-peice

– Asim (#22) and Prashanta (center) chasing after the ball