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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Colourful Teachers and Colour fool Education

For any country to develop it needs to maximise the use of its human resources. Education, awareness, and discipline are the keys to success. In Sanskrit there is beautiful quote: “Vidya Dhanam Sarba Dhanam Pradhana”, meaning, the wealth of education is the greatest wealth. Previously Nepal’s education system was strong enough for the required manpower of the country. The products(students)of the old education system were suitable for the jobs available. When the New Education Plan was implemented in Nepal a western advisor, Mr. John, came here and established an office in Keshar Mahal, Ministry of Education. With English speaking office assistant, some attractive lady secretaries and few drivers the project started sowing the seeds of disparity in the educational sector.

The project systematically started encouraging our greedy bureaucrats to change the existing education curriculum and lured them to introduce the “New Education Plan” into Nepal. In a couple of years the goals were accomplished the system implemented, so Mr. John was happy to go back home and got promoted. However, one should question the real goals of this costly project as since then the long-term impact seems to have had the effect of weakening the whole structure of public education. Interestingly the plan was not mandatory in private educational institutions; so three types of students began to emerge here. Number one: (top students) who studied in good private schools, Number two (average: in so-called cheap mushroom boarding schools, and struggling behind are the unfortunate students in Government schools and campuses.

Another big factor in distracting from the primary purpose of education is the introduction of politics in schools, campuses and university. I have heard that in the developed world politics and religion are discouraged in most educational campuses. Here political parties initiated and politicised students to be their sister concern. This helped Mr. John’s ultimate project goals even better than the New Education Plan, as hordes of weak students were produced and the rate of unemployment increased.

When I was working in a development project in Nepal there were two peons (office assistants) both having campus diploma level degrees. I was having great problems in assigning them to various errands because their qualifications and mine were the same. I had done a B.A. here in Nepal i.e. fours years of college education, they also had the same qualifications but from a later campus style education. The quality of education was vastly different. I was administrative manager and they were office assistants. I do not blame them but I blame the education project planners and politicians who wanted a bunch of weak products to assist them in destabilising this country and become their orderlies.

When I studied here there were pure teachers who did not bring their own ideologies or political affiliation into schools and college premises. Educational establishments were for education, not showing political colours. These days we have teachers and students of numerous colours, Red teachers, yellow, blue, pink, and green teachers. When they show such colours the students become influenced. Where have the pure teachers gone? This colourful teaching and learning in public schools and campuses has again helped the so-called politician to obtain their goal. The courses are never completed due to various strikes, bandh and protest, and the end product of weak teaching and learning is a weak nation.

Our bureaucrats and politicians know that the education system is poor here. Therefore, most of them send their children abroad for education so that they can come back here and rule the weak. This is a great discrimination and injustice to their own citizens by these National Managers who take their salaries from the taxpayer’s money. I do not know what Mr. John and the project supporters are thinking now, but they might confess one day and write a book like “Educational Hit Man” about the colour fool education and colourful teachers they planted here in Nepal. That might even win a Booker’s award.