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City of contrasts

309.City of Contrasts
Photo By: Siddhi Lal Kayestha
Posted Date: 9th December

Certainly one of the most culturally rich capital cities in the world, Kathmandu has it’s own unique place. It has been ruled by several different dynasties from the Kirats, the Licchavis, the Mallas and the Shahs to the modern republic capital. This city has seen a lot and has like any other capital felt the effects of modernization. But still the old Kathmandu lives on.

A golden heaven to the most famous artists in the world, it has the old palaces of kings, the Kathmandu Durbar Square,has been listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Hence, it will be preserved for the future. One can see in the picture how the old Kathmandu and the new Kathmandu have blended. We can see several centuries in this one single capture. The city has been able to do this admirably and lets hope we go into tomorrow’s Nepal whilst still preserving it’s grand heritage.