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Charity for Elderly Homes

“Let the Charity Begin at Home”, a charity that began for Elderly Home. It was a successfully organized, day long Clothes distribution Program in the premises of Pashupati  Bridhaashram.

WNSO-Nepal, a volunteer based organization working in the field of Youth education development and nation building process, it was a small effort from the WNSO executive members. The Program objective was to cater the needy elderly person to relief them from the chilling cold and of course the Social Service which is purely altruistic and sacred from every perspectives.

The charity was being raised by the Staffs of D2hawkeyeServices showing their genuine interest and generosity towards the Elder citizens by contributing their reusable clothes as well as fund. The required Funds and clothes were also collected from Kathmandu School of Law, Law Students society (LSS) and all the well wisher friends, member and volunteers from WNSO-Nepal. Approximately, five (5) sacks of reusable clothes were collected above organization and individual person.

The Cloth Distribution started at around 12:15 pm, Padma Devi Ghimire, eldest resident of same Ashram of age 100 years and 5 months old was honored as a chief guest for the Entire session of the program. The program formally started with offering Shawl to the chief guest for the program. In the program all together 235 Shawl was distributed among the elderly resident of the Ashram .The atmosphere was joyful as luckily we got the sunshine throughout the program.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi president of WNSO-Nepal highlighted the importance of Youth Role in Transformation of society and country to Nation building through the social service and synchronized effort of the organization like us. He formally addressed the media and journalists, the various guest and the public over there.

Similarly, Program Coordinators, LunaG and SitaP, represented D2HawkeyeServices, Mr. SanjeevS from KSL and YadavB highlighted that Elders must not be ignored from the society , if ignored it will not create the social justice and which will again hampers the development of the nation like us.

In the Program, WNSO-Nepal organized a discussion series with Office Chief of BridhaAshram Mr. Basudev Deuja , he provided the relevant information that government only is not capable to address such issues so we need a common understanding and joint work effort from the governmental and non-governmental side too . He provided facts about the woes and worries of the Bridha (Elderly). He also shared how Pashupati  BridhaAsram is able to cope with the Prospects, challenges and various legal and social issues which impacts a lot in the elderly day to day life. After a very intense discussion we came into conclusion that “Elderly are like other dignified citizen who are the citizen of the nation and must not be ignored at all”.

In the Program Special thanks goes to the volunteers who throughout the program assisted in the Program. Closing Session was announced by distributing Snacks to the Elderly. We would like to thank all well wisher who directly and indirectly supported the program and also special thanks to media personnel for taking their time to cover our event despite their hectic schedule.

–Compiled Version (Ref: http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/

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About Elderly Homes

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Eldest Padma devi Ghimire(100yr5mth).

Eldest Padma devi Ghimire(100yr5mth)

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