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Challenge for a brawl?

132. Challenge for a brawl?
Photo By: Abishesh Joshi
Posted Date: July 11th 2008

One evening, I was strolling along Patan Durbar Square with a 50mm lens best suited for shooting portraits. But unfortunately, the load shedding had taken all the glamour out of the Durbar Square area. As I took few paces further north, up to the “Bangalamukhi” temple, a bunch of local kids were fighting, throwing kicks and punches at one another.
But what seemed like a brawl from a distance turned out to be synchronized moves. The kids were practicing wrestling moves they had seen on TV, portraying themselves as one of the superstar wrestlers. They even started demonstrating their moves for the camera. The mid air somersaults, the roundhouse and flying kicks, the mockery of wrestlers. It was fun watching little kids play and taking their pictures.

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-LIN Editor