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Burning Demons

Burning Demons

551. Burning Demons
Photo By: Binit Shrestha
Posted Date: 6th August, 2013

Photo Description:
Gathamuga is a Newar festival observed during the month of August, after the rice plantation. This festival marks the beginning of several other Hindu and Buddhist festivals in Kathmandu. Gathamuga is also called “Gathemangal”.

The festival features chasing away demons from homes in a symbolic manner. In the festival, Gathamuga demons, made of wheat straw, are erected at every streets of various communities (Toles). The straw demons are burnt outside of the city or nearby rivers in the evening.

Camera Specifications:
Model: Canon PowerShot SD1000
F-stop: f/4.9
Exposure Time: 1/60 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-800
Focal Length: 17 mm