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Dhilung Kirat


Buddha is not a god.

Last Saturday I was dabbling around with fundamental philosophies of different religions with my friends. What I believe is god itself is a creation of human mind. Concept stimulated by the deep seated sense of insecurity and catalyzed by the sense of defeat against thousands of unsolved questions. God has been a perfect scapegoat. Most of the religions are based on superstition. They actually promote sin. Someone will come and protect you from your sin if you worship him. Isn’t that …

a ……violation of the entire cause and effect construct? What I like most about Buddhism is it reminds you to be good. That is all. Faith on ourselves is what it teaches us not to depend on the Someone special. If you cause a sin then prepare for its effect and the repercussion.

One man from behind, questioned me about the source of information, whether it was Tripitak or Veda. He ridiculously started to claim that Buddhism is just a branch of Hinduism. Buddha is the 5th incarnation of Vishnu etc.
Maybe I had generalized things too much but I’m not ready to accept that Buddhism as a branch of Hinduism.

First of Buddhism is not actually a religion at all. It’s a system of education. Shakyamuni Buddha can’t be the incarnation of Visnu as he is not a so called God at all. He was not able to perform amazing magic’s like god/goddess, Christ or Sai baba. He was unable to conjure up life into dead man. He didn’t claim any divine status for himself. He is merely a teacher who was enlightened.

Today people visit the Hall of Dharma Protectors to burn incense, prostrate and offer flowers and fruit praying for protection and safety. This is superstition, directly influenced by Hindu rituals. Images and statue of Buddha and Bodhisattvas were teaching tools designed to inspire our mind and wisdom not to worship them. There is academic Buddhism taught in universities where Buddhism is treated purely as philosophy, especially in Japan. Its truths are so distinct from the primary concerns of other faiths that some western observers see Buddhism not only as philosophy but even psychology. We can see this aspect in Wachobsky brothers The Matrix or hear it in Sandman’s house trance lyrics fills between euphoric upliftings. This is not exactly Buddha’s education either.
I liked the true Buddhism. It doesn’t impose blind beliefs, rather it teaches us and let us experiment the truth for ourselves. This is probably the most scientific aspect of Buddhism, the cosmic religion as Einstein said.